Good Life Club EP

by Good Life Club

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This is the first EP by Good Life Club, featuring 5 songs.


released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Good Life Club Israel

Good Life Club are:

Daniel Zahavi - guitar
Itamar Hartstein - keyboard & vocals
Shawn Eni - guitar & vocals
Ofir Harlev - drums & percussions
Ori Kolp - Bass

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Track Name: Dreams of a Dead Man
What you are? I'm feeling nasty, I feel bizarre.
It's all the same, for me it's life for you a game.
I'm all alone, living freely 'till I'm gone.

Truth, hate, misery,
friends for eternity.
Love, friends, just for me,
living free with sanity.

What is life? Show me your heart and I'll bring the knife.
Of all the fears, hiding behind a mask of tears.
Hating me, for who I am, for them to see.

Truth, hate, misery,
friends for eternity.
Love, friends, just for me,
living free with sanity.

Rise upon you little child
Try to see the true world
Without me you can't get enough
Break my heart just for a laugh
Track Name: A Chance of a Lifetime
What if I told you that you could
look at the future? You would?
What if you had only one chance
to know everything with a glance?
So tell me, would you like to know?
Or you would like to wonder why and how?

What if you could close your eyes and see
how your life depends on me?
What if all the answers you're looking for,
are just one glance away, no less or more?
So tell me, would you like to know?
Or you would like to wonder why and how?

'Cause my friend, my only friend,
hope is and always will be
why people are still trying to be,
why the sun shines every day
how your fears, will fade away.

What if all you're gonna see,
will be hate for me?
All your friends will be gone;
your life will be done.
What if in only one chance,
that only lonely glance
You will hate what you see,
You will never be free...
Track Name: Violent Star
I remember your heart cold as ice,
Never wanted to leave, paid the price
I remember those nights after nights
I knew when I looked at you once...

You are my violent star

I remember the yellow of summer days
I remember the blue of winter nights
I remember there were days full of pains
And I remember there were nights full of stars
But you are...

You are my violent star

Can you please take my hand
Can you please hold me again
Can you please come back to my world
Can you please be my star
My violent star, (You are You are)
My violent star (the only one to dry my tears)
My violent star (when I am down , full of fears)
My violent star (get me out of here please)

You are my violent star
Track Name: Pornfolio
Track Name: Bob Dylan in Iran
The devil is living,
he's living behind that door
The angles are falling,
their blood on the floor
The justice is hiding,
I have faith no more
Dream's won't be dying,
I am telling you for sure

Angles of the skies,
Fighting for the cause,
Dying just because,
All they want to hear is,
Bob Dylan on the radio!
We must keep the volume low
The devil's listening for sure
He tries to spread the terror

People are still trying,
Hoping that truth will be seen
She was pure like diamond,
God! She had done no sin
All she wanted was freedom,
In her soul deep in
Such a democracy for losers,
We won't stop until we win

She always thought that she could,
Change the world but she forgot
Defy the devil's she should,
But strong enough she's not
The devil took her down,
She had no chance to fight
We must play the music loud,
We can hide inside the crowd

Hey devil, are you happy?
Tell me, are you satisfied?
Those angles, they were my friends,
Their memory always remains
So tell me, are you happy?
I bet you're you satisfied.
Are you satisfied?